Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hello, stranger

If you've been following my blog for the past few months, you may have assumed I've pulled the plug on this blogging thing and discretely disappeared into an unstylish oblivion. Well, I'm still here.

Niamh Etc's been thrown to the back burner a bit and this time, I don't really have an excuse. Yep, it'd be so easy to list off how busy I am with uni/work/social life etc., but that gets tedious. I've let my abundance of iPhone snaps above do the talking on that one. When it comes to my consistent blogger skills, or lack thereof (LOL), I need a slap on the wrist basically. 

Since I've been MIA on the blogosphere, quite a lot has been going on. Isabel Marant has gone and released her fab collection for H&M, cycle 20 of ANTM is over (sob) and Kimye has continued to bring shock value. Anyone else's jaws hit the floor watching Kanye's new Bound 2 vid with Kim K? I was mind blown/disturbed/confused all at the same time.

Hope you're all doing well and hopefully I'll be chatting all things style/superficial next time.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Too pure to be pink

 The motto I've adopted for my A/W winter wardrobe this year will be "Think Pink". Gone are the days of Mean Girls restricting themselves to only wearing pink on Wednesdays. The ladylike hue is set to be one of the biggest (and my personal fave) trend of this Autumn/Winter '13. Pink lovers can rejoice as the trend has creeped its way into highstreet hotspots Topshop, Penneys & ASOS, to name but a few with the colour making quite the impression on the catwalks of Mulberry, Carven & Topshop Unique this year. My childhood dream to overdose in head-to-toe pink like Rizzo & the gang (...the Pink Ladies from Grease, for those who have been living under a rock) is now acceptable in the ~fashion world~. Happy? Indeed.

These are just a handful of my top picks that demonstrate the trend perfectly, and you may notice are predominantly from Topshop, who are absolutely acing it atm but unfortunately draining my bank account. My fave piece is the pale pink vinyl pencil skirt. I actually have it and oh my god, did it take what feels like forever to get my hands on this coveted gem. I wore it to my 21st birthday last week and being honest I felt like I was transported back into the sixties in this sweet baby pink number. It certainly gave my outfit a unique but girly twist and the hurdle to get it was certainly worth it. 

The great thing about this trend is there are so many different shades of pink from pale, dusky pinks to bold, bubblegum pinks. On top of that there is an abundance of textures you can mix and match like fur, vinyl, knit, jersey etc etc.

We're spoilt for choice with this trend and I am definitely gonna be lapping it up this autumn/winter.

What pink pieces are you lusting after?

Friday, 16 August 2013

Weekend Wishing #3

Weekend Wishing #3

OH, HEY STRANGERS! Sorry, guys. I've been swamped in work over the past two weeks but I finally have found the time to put some of my focus on Niamh Etc. About time, I know.

So without further-ado, this is the 3rd instalment of my 'Weekend Wishing' series. This time, however, I've added in a hairstyle I've really been loving atm. Following my shock horror over Bey's new pixie cut (NOOO), I'm even more into long locks. The ~Del Rey~ I guess you could call it! Who could say no to big, voluminous 60s inspired hair? NOBODY.

The main item I've been lusting after for what seems like 568678598 years (3 months actually)is this gorgeous heavily embellished top from ASOS. The main word that comes to mind when I see it is glam. Pair this with some vintage Levi denim shorts and you get the epitome of laid-back chic glamour. 

I'm really loving the white Lulu Guinness inspired lips clutch from Nastygal. It would definitely add a bit of quirkiness to any outfit whether dressed up or casual which is always a plus!

If you've been a reader of mine over the past 2 months you would probably know that I'm a major fan of court heels. They give any outfit a sophisticated look. I consider them a wardrobe stable.

A nice touch of OPI Chic From Ears To Tail nail polish adds a bit of girliness to any look and this bubblegum pink shade is perfect for the last few weeks of summer that we have left.

Again a handful of midi rings sets off the look. I already have a few midi rings at the mo but I'd love to add the dainty pieces, á la the initial ring from Topshop, to my collection. 

And I am still on the hunt for finding the perfect nudey pink lipstick. All suggestions are welcome!

Hope you like all of the stuff on this weekend's wishlist. I shall be back in full blogging swing next week with some outfit posts and maybe a few reviews, who knows?!


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Clichés Clichés Clichés

       Dress - Topshop

Long time no blog! I think it's been just over a week since I last posted something on here. Bad blogger. So seeing as I've a day off work i.e. a v. rare occasion,  I decided to throw up my outfit of the day.

I know what you're probably thinking.. Niamh has managed to jump on yet another fashion bandwagon - The infamous 'Homiés' jumper.  Most celebs, bloggers etc. you see wearing this have the Brian Lichtenberg one but I opted for the cheaper but just as fab Reason version - just so my bank account wouldn't hate me tbh.

I wore my beloved Topshop acid leaf cutout dress underneath to add a hint of girliness and a pop of colour to the ~tough~ vibe of the jumper. I am loving jumper and dress combos atm - I think they're the perfect way to dress down an outfit without being too casual. It also gives you the perfect excuse to clash prints and colours. SOLANGE KNOWLES, EAT YOUR HEART OUT. I gave jewellery a miss for this look because I just wanted the jumper and dress to do the talking, mainly. But as you all probably know by now, I never say no to a chunky gold chain. It probably would look quite good with the look, glamming it up a bit which is always a plus in my books!